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Wise Woman Words: Mary Anne Radmacher

“living eulogy.
she danced.
she sang. she took.
she gave.
she loved.
she created.
she dissented. she enlivened.
she saw. she grew. she sweated.
she changed.
she learned. she laughed.
she shed her skin.
she bled on the pages of her days,
she walked through walls,
she lived with intention.”

―Mary Anne Radmacher

What does it mean to you to live with intention?  Planting seeds of intention plays a major role in the moonlodge ceremony of which I am a part; we change the body of the ritual each month, but a constant remains: we devote ourselves to our intentions.  Some of my intentions over this past year, you wonder?  Using my ears and my mouth proportionally.  Surrender.  Follow my intuition.  Stepping forth in harmonious health.  To name a few.  I think the more I guide my intentions the more I live with conviction and dedication to my intentions.  The more I dedicate myself to my intentions, the more aligned I am with the spirit of the universe and the love of it all.  Do you live with intention?  What are some of your (positively phrased) intentions?

I think it is fantastic, too, to realize that our living in the moment for the moment plays the most vital role. I love how Mary writes a living eulogy!  So often we find such powerful praise and happy words and thoughts and ideas upon someone’s death.  I implore you to create your own living eulogy (if you have not already).  What do you do?  What characteristics do you want to be remembered by?  How will you be remembered?   I encourage you to write a living eulogy for someone you love, too.  I think all too often our love falls unspoken.  Let’s write living eulogies for all the people we love.  Even if you simply write it in your journal and don’t plan on sending the eulogy, the words are then more comfortable and the potential for you to appreciate that person increases substantially.

I’ll write my own living eulogy.  I’ll semi-follow Mary’s format:
living eulogy.
her gait–a skip,
her laugh a–dance,
she loves
and loves
and loves and loves some more.
she makes home
and makes some
yogurt or sauerkraut or butter to eat.
she holds hands and writes letters and
sometimes speaks her mind. she listens and talks and listens
and always changes her mind. through it all–
in the glitter and the grit of it–
she laughs.
she skips.

Want to post your own (or the one you write for someone you love) in the comment section? Alternatively, you could write a post and link to it in the comment section. Or, simply write in your journal or on hand painted stationary and send it to someone you love. Happy writing and happy living, y’all. It’s the weekend!