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Today is for Lovers

Things I love today:

:: this article speaks soul talk!  Everyone comes unraveled, sometimes.  And she beautifully writes about how I myself may come unraveled sometimes.
:: I can’t believe that it’s taken me so long to find the beautiful Roost blog.  I think, even, my mother-in-law mentioned it one time or another, and I missed it then.  Right now, I’m fantasizing about cooking these beautiful waffles for breakfast this Saturday!
:: I love Guy Clark radio on Pandora.
:: I love morning baths under the canopy of the forest.
:: I love my daughter sipping tea on our back porch.
:: I love our new forest tent bathroom (pictures coming, I promise!).  I love it all so much.
:: um, yes please!  You know I love tiny homes, and this one is the cream top, that milky kitchen ceiling and the the exposed wood wall.  The wood stove, oh the wood stove!  The literacy wall–I tried, believe you me I tried to push for a full wall of books in the bus; I was vetoed in the nature of storing dishes, the refrigerator, the table, you know practical things (I’m glad, because one day we’ll have a tiny home that is a little bigger than our current tiny home, and there, there my friends will be a full wall of books!).
tiny-house-jessica-helgerson-1:: :: this gives me goosebumps and I hear a calling to our home, our land, loud like the wolf howling on the full moon.  It’s so beautiful.
:: I love you, for understanding my absence in the past few weeks.  For understanding that I’m nesting, big time.  That I’m spending every last moment with my daughter, or enjoying grandparents doing the same before our baby comes into our life.  You, are a real gem, sweet reader.

What do you love today?

Minimalist Wardrobe

After several simplistic approaches to my life and wardrobe to fit into the bus–including what I then-thought was complete purging, my split wardrobe (to fit each half seasonally into my “walk-in” closet in the bus), and my fight or flight desire to further downsize–I know more work exists still.

For sometime now, Cody and I have been contemplating where we will settle and plant roots, where we will find our land on this earth.  Even more, we’ve been afraid that our very tiny home simply will not accommodate our growing family.  The thought of ditching the bus brings my heart to the ocean bottom.  Last night I recommitted to the bus until it just doesn’t fit or feel right. I think if we approach our living in a way that conducts positive space and instead of looking in windows of other people’s lives and seeing space that we could have or don’t have, we can make a very tiny space work with our small family of four.  At least while the children are young and small.

Thus, I’ve been searching every little nook for more space to declutter and am approaching an even more minimalistic lifestyle!  It seems to start with my simplifying my wardrobe (how can one have more to simplify after such frequent stops to the donation bin, you wonder? Years of fashionista-esque wardrobes, my friend).  My soon-to-be mother-in-law just read the book The Joy of Less by Miss Minimalist and thought Francine and I shared sentiments on simplification.  I immediately read several articles on her blog and found that we do indeed share sentiments.

I am inspired!  I am inspired to an experiment, of sorts.  I am going to downsize my possessions even more, yes, even more.  This season is about refreshing for me.  I am going to spend the fall eliminating unnecessary things even further!  Starting with a “uniform”–the sort of uniform Francine speaks of in her article Extreme Minimalism: Wardrobe.  She offers the contents of her dream uniform.  Mine is a tad larger, but in essence, the same thing.

Yesterday on a drive in Maine, Cody and I were talking a lot about my experiment.  I wondered what society would think.  If I only wore one outfit.  And naturally laundry came up.  How would I wash my outfit?  And how would I even choose just one outfit?  I love dressing up! Then I got to thinking about having a few of the same outfit, but that felt righteous and what for?  But then it dawned on me that if I kept one of each type of clothing (skirt, dress, shirt, etc.) then I could keep my wardrobe clean and have less–much, much less–but still potentially have enough to not wear the same outfit twice in a week.  He suggested I store the remaining wardrobe (because we don’t plan on living in a tiny space forever, and that way if the experiment feels all wrong, I can have my wardrobe back without paying for the goods).

I will rid my closet of most its contents and I will leave the following:

:: one pair of blue jeans
:: one skirt
:: one pair of shorts
:: one dress (I just got this in black at Stripe and I’m in love.  It is also the perfect maternity dress, by the way, and it has a zillion potential ways to style via the large ties)
:: one long-sleeved shirt
:: one short-sleeved shirt
:: one sleeveless shirt
:: one sweater
:: one jacket

Some things I could see keeping multiples of include undergarments, tights/leggings/hose accessories, and shoes.  I’m really nervous.  And I’m really excited.  And there are lots of butterflies fluttering in my stomach.  But when I think about how much space my closet takes up in the bus, I realize it’s a little selfish to take up that much room while we are living so minimally.  So, I’m going to downsize, once again, y’all.  Big time.  There is a lot of opportunity for other items in that small space, to get them out of their odd place in the bus.  I’m so down with maximizing efficiency.  It’s time to put it into action.  Stay tuned as this Autumn is all about Minimalism.

And, please, do tell me how you would minimize your life!  What would you declutter?  How would you start the downsizing?

Tiny Homes Book Giveaway


A while back my friend Travis asked me if I knew of Lloyd Kahn and his book Tiny Homes, he told me our house bus seemed right up his alley and he heard Lloyd was getting into another book about tiny homes on wheels. Immediately inspired I headed to Lloyd’s blog. This man is dedicated to tiny homes and efficient use of space. His books illustrate a culture thinking outside the mortgage.

I told Lloyd what Cody and I have been upto this year, invited him over to my blog, and thanked him for his work; it is people like Lloyd who illuminate this simple lifestyle both realistically and romantically.

Well early last week Lloyd contacted Glitter & Grit. (Who me? Little ole me?) He shared his blog post with us, asking if we may be interested in featuring our house bus in his upcoming book: Wheels & Water: Tiny Homes on the Move! Oh my dang is right, y’all! Oh my diggity dang disco dancers!

Have you read his book Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter (scaling back in the 21st century)? You must, it is full of inspiration for any style building. There are hidden driftwood beach shacks, enchanted tree-houses, wide open yurts, straw bale insulated (more or less complete with instructions), saunas (you know I want that!), info on prefabs and kits, and is wealthy with great photos!


He sent a copy to Glitter & Grit. Yes, you have a chance to win a copy! This weekend, I’ll give you all the details you need. Stay tuned. If you think it’s easier to have my posts dropped into your electronic mail box, click “keep getting the grit” on the right hand side of the website and I’ll send you an email when I post. If not, do check back in–this book is a real gem!

Today is for Lovers

Things I love today:

  • Celebrating National Poetry Month with a poem a day
  • Rain in Santa Cruz
  • Reading! And the library!
  • Lloyd Kahn‘s Tiny Homes book. I just got it in the mail yesterday, from Mr. Kahn himself, and let me tell you, it’s amazing. Amazing! And über inspiring, too. Guess what, reader? If you stay tuned, there is a give-away of this book coming this weekend. Yes, your opportunity to win this book is coming! Thanks, Lloyd.
  • Parts of a cow, as follows (for eatin’):
  • A Sunday party to celebrate the Easter bunny, to eat good food, to hide, hunt and decorate eggs (Willa was assigned two eggs to hide. She also coincidentally found the same eggs…), to play croquet (!), to take a Sunday drive up the coast and into the forest and around the hills, to remind ourselves why we love our home, and to be with friends new and old alike.
  • I love snuggling up in the bus while the Senator radiates heat waves with my baby and my man.
  • Watching Willa communicate via sign language every few minutes. I think it may be a mama-bias, but she’s brilliant.
  • 20120410-204457.jpg

    What do you love today?

The Bus Dream

When I met Cody I told him about my school bus fantasy; and how several years ago I dreamed of running away in a school bus and driving across the lands, selling fried egg sandwiches (this may not be too far off, Cody loves my friend egg sandwiches!). He thought I was abstract and a little (a lot?) far out. I think he liked my radical streaks, to tell you the truth. But we curbed the bus idea for a while.

That is, until early last year with our growing daughter tottering about. Cody and I wanted to put roots down, but still weren’t sure where. He did some orchard work for a man named Leaf, who has a school bus that he still semi lives in! Cody said “I can see us doing this!” And to my complete dreamy desires, we found the perfect school bus on craigslist, only an hour away that very day!

We drove to Peteluma, CA, not far from Santa Cruz to check out the bus.  We loved it right away.  He checked out just perfect in the mechanic inspection.  We attempted to haggle, but the bus was so reasonably priced, we surrendered.  Then, Al gave us some gas money and a written agreement that he would return the bus if we weren’t happy after 30 days.