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Today is for Lovers

Things I love today:

    • This cutting board.
    • The color yellow here and here, and the hints of yellow here.

    • I love this drink, I love Going Home to Roost, I just got caught up in the wonders and delights and inspirations.
    • Willa’s affirmative nod, it’s so adorable when you tell her “papa is putting salt on the pork chop” {definitive affirmative nod} Floods my heart with love.
    • Hand forged scissors, I’ve seen several around in person (like at Stripe Men, and Lucca in Seattle), but these are nice online.

  • I’m really loving my man’s long hair; it’s like an all new guy from the well-kept-short-do and big-bearded love I had two years ago.  (And I liked him a lot, too.)
  • The weather in Santa Cruz (I know, I know, I’ve told you, it’s wonderful) is so beautiful.  I’ll confess to you though, we aren’t going to stay in Santa Cruz for the ever term.  In fact, I have my eyes (distant eyes, rest assured, sweet little surf city) settling to the mountains.  Where would you go if you had a school bus home?
  • I’m growing a new garden, I’ll tell you the story later this week, but now, I’m trying to decide how invested I should get, do I build a greenhouse for my tomatoes and cucumbers because the wind is too strong thus too cold for them out at the farm? or should I opt for more location-appropriate crops? I get really thrilled when I think of the cute windows we have leaning on the fence just waiting for a greenhouse project just like this one!
  • Wandering wedding blogs for inspiration.  I love this wedding in Portland, I like this wedding dress, this garden wedding with yellow flowers! (love his suspenders).  Also a part of me yearns for a simple elope-esque ceremony with utter intimacy–this could be the desperate-to-go-camping-soon in me, too, because I love love love the idea of sharing my ceremony and party with those that I love).  A question on my mind lately: how do I incorporate my essence/style in my wedding without holding too much value on the venue?  Is the venue everything?  I want a farm with a barn next to a field.  Simple and enchanted.

What do you love today, sweet reader?