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Today is for Lovers

Things I love today:

    • I love planning Willa’s bedroom loft
    • Camp knives, sweet axes, and hatchets, oh my dang!
    • Refreshing my body and spirit with kombucha (have you ever brewed your own? The flavor combinations are endless, I love Great Grape Grapefruit, myself.)
    • Organizing my computer and my gmail inbox! It’s ongoing, and Cody’s always wondering how I could continue to have things to organize. How often do you organize your technological and electronic life?
    • Regina Spektor and the like
    • Meeting fathers who hang out with their babies all day, like Noah from Santa Cruz Local Foods
    • Companion Bakeshop’s buckwheat blueberry scones (and the phrase “bakeshop” in general to describe exactly what it does, a shop which bakes, so chic).
    • Community Free Friday at the Santa Cruz Seymour Marine Center

  • Using my ears in proportion to my mouth, people have wonderful things to say when I really listen!
  • Willa dancing (she has hot happy feet and taps around whilst bobbing her head up and down as if saying “mmm hmmm, oh yeah”)
  • The Glass Coat Photobooth Co. website launch! My friend Graham–in San Francisco–co-owns this amazing company, check it out! I love love love photobooths, and especially his because your picture prints out and it’s digital! Boom, y’all! Get your party some props and hire these dudes; it’s so fun!
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    What do you love today?