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All the World

What a delight to find a package waiting on the front door step (I’ve told you how much I love the postal service) a while back, my friend from San Francisco sent Willa Mayhew this very book!

And the message, oh the message!  All the world is you and me.  Yes, all of us, spiraling in and in and in and in, still, youth and seeds and babies and spirits becoming new babies, in and in; spiraling out and out and out and out, still, elders and wisdom and dying and reincarnating out and out; we are all in this together, the spirit is in us all.  I believe that if we are all in this together, the time is now to think about our future.  Willa is our future.  You are our future.  We are our future.  All the world is the future.

The Native American Iroquois tribe (and several other Indigenous cultures) prepare and live their lives for the next seven generations!  That thoughtful practice cultivates a wellness for the entire community.  If we are all effecting the earth together, perhaps we should gear our minds and daily practice to the wellness of one hundred years from now.  What are your favorite children’s tales?  How do you cultivate wellness for your entire community?  How do you think we can continue to prepare our lives for the next seven generations?