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Dream Catcher

A few days ago, a friend inquired how I found myself to be in Alaska two years ago.  I laugh and smile because I love (love, LOVE) this story.  The pull began years ago.  Most specifically, in San Francisco, just after I found my darling and favorite apartment in the city, yet, just as my near-dream-job stopped working out so perfectly, the city I’d come to know and love in eight short months had finally decided to stop kicking me in the shins!  Life was golden!  But, still something was missing.  I found myself a zombie walking the beautiful streets.  That is, until late January came to find me sleeping in my darling apartment, dreaming of backpacking with at risk youth once again.

In the dream, Lefty

and Nana (one of my dearest friend’s grandmother),

both of whom passed away in 2009, came to show me something.  Lefty plays in the snow.  Nana whispers “get back to your mission”.

Upon waking, there was an immediate drive to search for a company that works with at-risk youth, in the wilderness, preferably up north.  Within minutes, I emailed Alaska Crossings with my resume and experience, had a phone interview the following day, and accepted the job offer the day after that.  One week later, found myself on a plane north to the future.

This grit that leads me to get out and catch my dreams (sometimes so spontaneous, to a fault) fills my heart to the brim with helium.  What do you do to follow your goals and dreams?  What is your latest fancy?  Have you a (reoccurring) dream that might be speaking volumes to your current life situation?