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Make Your Own Leather Drawer Pulls

Last week on Art Day during Craft Time Willa and I got inspired to make our own drawer pulls from leather I’ve saved for years from east Texas.  First, we gathered our materials.

We used:
:: leather
:: hammer
:: a few nails
:: gingher scissors (These are the best scissors I’ve encountered.  I grew up in a family comprised of female seamstress masters, and have seen far more pairs than I can even count for you, so trust me.  Cody has accidentally used our pair for cutting paper.  I can assure you, after our–somewhat lengthy–scissor lesson, that is a mistake he won’t make again.)
:: an optional camera for moments like this one (this is the first picture I asked Willa to pose for.  Isn’t it classic?  Very fitting, if I say so myself):

Directions we followed (shooting from the hip):
:: cut out the designs you want for your pulls.
:: we chose to use two different pull styles because the drawer shapes are different.  One is a loop pull and the other is a tab pull.
:: take your drawer out, so you can hammer downward with a more efficient, easier stroke.
:: lay your leather pull on the drawer.
:: stick your finger through the pull (for the loop style), to assure that you will be able to do this once you nail down the pulls.
:: nail one side, then the other

:: we used two nails per pull

Voila!  You have your own fancy (from scratch) drawer pulls.  (Yes, we cleaned our drawers after their new adornment.)