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Mah Sesh with tha Senator, Y’all: Real Cultured Butter

I grew up eating generous pats of real butter. My mom grew up eating–like many of her contemporaries–margarine. That is, until my dad convinced my mom very early in their relationship that real butter is worth the pinched pennies elsewhere. It was more involved than a financial or health debate; he had to prove to Mimi that he could tell the difference in taste. That’s right, a taste test, ladies and gents. Pecan Sandies were prepared, two batches–one with real butter, one with the counterfeit. My dad dutifully tasted each cookie. My dad postively identified the real butter Pecan Sandy (of course he did!). My dad converted the whole family to real butter. And, I’m so glad he did.

It wasn’t until I was around 20, in West Virginia that I tasted butter from real, raw cow’s milk–butter that gave me the midnight hankerings and an all out obsession; I mean six of us sneaking through the farm house to happen upon the kitchen searching for a vessel to transport the butter to our mouths (suffice it to say that there were enough finger scoops atop the butterball that no fingers were ever pointed).

Since that summer in West Virginia, I have found a hidden passion for butter inside the heart of me. Last autumn, while donning a very pregnant belly, my partner Cody’s mother introduced me to a blog article about butter from one of her favorite blogs (Pink of Perfection). Immediately I went to get a jar of Santa Cruz local heavy whipping cream.

The result: a bright, beaming ball of butter!

I’ll save the details of how to make butter for the other instruction manuals, since, there are so many mediums which teach this wonderful art (go ahead, they are all different links, I said it, so many mediums! Click away!). Some are better than others; but the bottom line is this: butter is easy to make and so healthy for human consumption! I recently read the article Why Butter is Better on the Weston A. Price Foundation website and felt a sense of security and overall contentment in my daily quest for a butter vessel.

I realized that making my life from scratch is indeed necessary for the mingling of glitter and grit to take place. Included in making my life from scratch: making my own butter and finding new places to smear the creamy delicious spread.

My favorite vessel for butter of late is chips and fermented salsa! The butter adds a creamy yum to the zing of the salsa. I remember being a child and eating butter and corn tortilla chips with my sister at any Mexican food restaurant, this new recipe is the cream of the crop! Just spread a little butter on the chip prior to the salsa dip, voila!

Butter separating from the buttermilk. Drain into a jar and make buttermilk biscuits or homemade buttermilk ranch!

Roll into a ball and store in the freezer for long keeping, store in the refrigerator, and if you think you can eat the entire butterball soon, store at room temperature!

I am dying to know, what is your favorite butter carrier?