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Mah Sesh with tha Senator, Y’all: Cornbread Muffins & Honey Butter


Look! We baked corn muffins in our new oven! Oh my dang! It was downright delicious. Arguably the best muffin I’d ever tasted.

We invited Leaf and Dyana over for brunch to celebrate our move-in weekend. Cody made a yummy egg, potato, onion scramble and I whipped up cornbread muffins and honey butter from local honey and local butter. Oh my yum is right, y’all! Warm cornbread muffins in our cast iron! Can you see Willa’s stamp of approval? Hint: it’s in her buttery smile.

I am so in love with the Senator. Cooking is a breeze (and you need a breeze, too, because it gets hot in here when the stove is burnin’). So we opened most of our windows and both doors and had the beautiful coastal wind blowing through the bus; blissful morning, for sure.

Stay tuned as we cook more and more in the beaut.