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My Power Day

When the moon is in your sun sign this is your power day.  Today the moon is in Libra.  My power day.10836855322890415_7Lm1DYAd_cA power day is a day the universe supports you in doing something for yourself.  (Yes, there’s a balance–your service day is when the universe supports you in doing something for others, the day the moon is opposite of your sun sign on the wheel of zodiac.)

Today I am generating power from the universe’s support of myself.  Thank you, universe.  As my pregnancy rounds out, I’m feeling more and more a pull to give myself to others.  I know I’ve had years of giving to myself, and it’s time to bring maturation to a full fruition.  It’s still nice to remind myself that in my power, I am woman, I am self-care, I am beautiful, I deserve this.  Here’s to my power day!

(I use the we’moon calendar for gathering dates and moon information.  It’s a wealthy source of information if you’re interested, too.)

Happy weekend, y’all!

A New Year, A New Vision


Ah, the year is new. Tomorrow. Well, according to our calendar. The Chinese New Year begins February 9th (what a powerful day that will be–Lunar Imbolc, dark moon, first day of the water serpent!, ah!). But tonight we have yet another opportunity to celebrate this past year, to prepare for next year, and to align ourselves with what we hope to become in a way that we can understand and bring to fruition.

Next year we are welcoming our baby into the world. We welcome a new spirit into our family, a spirit who chose us as parents. Next year, our family will experience the trauma of losing a trio and will simultaneously experience the joy of a quartette. A balance will align.

Glitter & Grit turns one year old in this first month of the new year. Hip Hip Hooray!!! I am so happy to be here, so happy you’re here, and I hope you’ll stay. I will!

Next year we are embarking on a journey of no personal possession purchases. This sounds like quite an endeavor. I will keep you wildly posted, I’m sure. And, what will become of the column Today is for Lovers, you wonder? Nothing, I will still love lots and lots of things, you silly reader! I’m nervous and excited. What are your thoughts? Have you ever done such a thing? I can’t help but (in fight or flight fashion) mentally think of all the things I need to buy before tomorrow. As everything does, this will change. This too, shall pass. And when it does, I will be one year older, with a financial wisdom and compassion that only suffering can bring.

And perhaps you will find new columns popping up all over Glitter & Grit about the sweet and salty yin and yang of womanhood. Ideas include lady lists (things every lady should know), men of true grit (exploring what means to be a real man), simplifying motherhood, and many more. What would you like to see?

On the eve of the new year, Cody and I like to stay up late and create a vision board. Last year we did it while building our house on a bus. We made a big bubble chart. We created our world. And, most of it came to fruition. I believe that just by asking for what you want, the universe finds a way to provide. Sometimes getting is as simple as asking. Sometimes it’s a lot more work (worth it, too). But it never hurts to ask.

This year I’m:
:: budgeting our life
:: listening to the homing device (where are we going to buy land and settle? Is it so wrong to want to choose a home based on the name of the town? Sweet Home, Oregon, anyone?)
:: keeping it simple
:: learning hand work, I want to knit and crochet!! I want to sew!!
:: writing
:: staying home more
:: tuning into my animal
:: exploring my community and the forest around me
:: transforming; a woman of graceful surrender, soft and ripe
:: listening, listening
:: lighting an inner fire, lighting an outer fire

What are you doing this year? What intentions do you set? What is your vision?

Winter Solstice

glitter and grit

Perhapsfor a moment
the typewriters will stop clicking,
the wheels stop rolling
the computers desist from computing,
and a hush will fall over the city.
For an instant, in the stillness,
the chiming of the celestial spheres
will be heard
as earth hangs poised
in the crystalline darkness, and then
Let there be a season
when holiness is heard, and
the splendor of living is revealed.
Stunned to stillness by beauty
we remember who we are and why we
are here.
There are inexplicable mysteries.
We are not alone.
In the universe there moves a Wild One
whose gestures alter the earth’s axis
toward love.
In the immense darkness
everything spins with joy.
The cosmos enfolds us.
We are caught in a web of stars,
cradled in a swaying embrace,
rocked by the holy night,
babes of the universe.

Let this be the time
we wake to life,like spring wakes, in the moment
of winter solstice.

a poem by Rebecca Parker