Today is for Lovers

Things I’m loving today:

:: I love this blog, and her sabbatical gives me time to catch up on the past three years of writing and minimalism.
:: Remembering when I found romanesco!  It didn’t look quite like this, but it’s so beautiful!  Willa loves it (tis the season!).
:: Go. Read. This. (Now isn’t fast enough!)  I love her provocative and tantalizing words.
:: Um, these!
:: I love calendars.  (I’ve had my eye on one just like this at Stripe for a bit now!)
il_570xN.399140477_bmrbWhat, my sweet reader, do you love today?

5 thoughts on “Today is for Lovers”

  1. I actually first saw a link to your blog while reading how Alana’s crockpot greek yogurt worked for others. I love her way with words as well. Right now I love cooking big breakfasts that warm the house and the belly.


      1. We do alot of oatmeal, scrambled eggs with bacon or when I remember to get the dough ready the night before fresh from the oven “poptarts”. They still ask for a bowl of yogurt afterwards. If they were to answer what do you love today most days they would sing out YOGURT!


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