It’s May Day!

I love being my daughter’s mother, this spring.  Happy Beltane!  Spring is really here and in full swing, it’s May Day; half way between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.  Santa Cruz weather sheds layers of the morning fog by noon time feast and I’m in love.  Our life looks bright.  We are planning our summer trip to canoe camp in July in the Sierras.  We are hoping to have an intimate camping adventure where we discuss our vows.  I’ll bet you can help: what are your thoughts on marriage?  What are your spring plans?  And summer trips?  Oh May, I’m so glad you’re here!

Photo Credit: Nichole Martin, Cole Christine Photography

6 thoughts on “It’s May Day!”

  1. oh baby do I have thoughts on marriage. perhaps I will write a blog about it. as for vows, I have come to believe that the only truly loving vows we can make to another go something like this: I support you: your ever evolving passions and connection to the world you create for yourself. I honor the love we share and the family we grow together. I am fully aware that my happiness does not depend upon what you can do for me but on the marvelous and magical life I create for myself. My highest wish is that you will always be a part of that, and that I am an integral part of the rich life you create for yourself. Through honesty, respect, open communication and ongoing ability to welcome change and growth, I want to be your partner for life. My love for the true partnership I see in you is powerful and transformative. I look forward to our journey together.


    1. Oh my that is beautiful and so on my page–I love the part about my happiness not depending on yours! When you write your blog post, please do come link back!

      I’m intending a blog post as well, about vows and marriage. Before I met Cody I was working on a short marriage contract theory, which I’m excited to write about again!

      Thank you for your comments and inspiration, Barb!


  2. Beltane: ” This is the time when sweet desire weds wild delight” – Starhawk
    That would also be my highest intention for any partnership/marriage. Yum


  3. My quick thoughts after reading this – A tarot card reader was the first sign of my future love… She stated that my soul mate is a past lover (Read my cards at the Spamarama in Austin, TX). The information given stayed with me… I am now married to my boyfriend from Elementary school… We were together 2nd to 5th grade, each other’s first kiss in 8th and we are now married with a daughter that was born on 07.07.07… Its a fantastic thing. Spring and summer is BEST, our garden is growing so fast… Just picked our first pepper and squash (cooked yesterday as a matter of fact). We are also going on a big camping trip at the end of May (Our 5 year marriage anniversary)… Life is what you make of it and so is your love. :)


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