Today is for Lovers

Things I love today:

I love our new cup shelf
Pot & Pantry

Dana of Stripe just turned me onto Kinfolk publication a few months ago.  I also love seeing Emily of Tar-Tryin’ reading it, too (three of the four she mentions are among my favorite magazines)!

The Pacific Crest Trail, and planning a camping trip.  My mind goes two places after telling you that I love the PCT; number one: since Willa was born, we have traveled quite a bit, I think she’s been on five round trips (all direct flights, so that’s 10 planes total) in 17 months, we have also hosted many wonderful guests in our town; number two: we do not have any trip scheduled for the next two seasons and we are keeping it that way.  This is the year to relax in our community.  So, this said, and getting back to the PCT, I am ready to plan a camping trip in our beautiful neck of the woods!  Any suggestions?

I love love love Willa sleeping in the Farm Buggy

When my mother-in-love sent me cabin porn, I’ll tell you I was a little wary, and you also may be cautious; only click if you’re ready to fall in love.  I’m loving that grassy roof right now (from Sweden).

Evening kitty cuddle time

A huge reason I love women speaking their mind.

I love you all for participating in the Tiny Homes Giveaway.  Thank you!  Congratulations Brenda.  You guys, she is so excited and so so so deserving.  I’m blissful about the results, just blissful.

What do you love today, sweet reader?

6 thoughts on “Today is for Lovers”

    1. I just love those tins, too. Thank you for asking, and yes, of course:
      The large tin houses bulgur, made by sprouting wheat berries, which I grind in my flour mill each time I want to use it. The smallest tin keeps our bulk sea salt. And whole wheat lives in the medium tin.


    1. Wow! That’s wonderful, Emily. You are so inspirational, you little sweet pea, you! I’m really happy for your progress and dedication to your life and appreciate your wit and writing to share it with us all. I look forward to seeing your article in Kinfolk!


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